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4 ways to healthier skin

1 - Masking

Masking is fundamental to skin health and rejuvenation. 

Truly organic masks are packed to the brim with food ready to feed your skin all it needs. Masking really helps create that smooth fresh canvas for any of your treatment products you apply after.  

I love to mask every single day to help feed and refresh my skin. Sometimes I leave a mask on for over 4 hours for a deep cleanse, and other times for 20 minutes as a quick burst of life.

We've formulated our Natura Miracle Mask and Coffee and Cacao Face Scrub to work together in harmony to elevate your masking experience. The coffee & cacao gives your skin a quick exfoliation whilst the miracle mask delivers deep nourishment helping to depollute and refresh ready for all the goodness from your treatment products to work their magic.

Other NINI approved picks are Ayuna Essence Mask for an enzymatic exfoliation and Josh Rosebrook's Hydration Mask for a boost of water for your skin.


2 - Going Foundation Free

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