Get Sun Smart

It's starting to warm up outside which means its time to get sun smart!.

When it comes to sun protection there is plenty of fear mongering around the subject of SPF.

We have been told over and over to protect our skin with SPF whatever the weather and season, all day, every day – even if we work indoors! But let’s get one thing straight – WE NEED THE SUN!

A sensible sun exposure is healthy and essential for maintaining our levels of Vitamin D (we all need at least 15-20 mins of sunshine a day for vitamin D synthesis).

However, spending hours in the midday sun is not sensible – so it is all about being SUN SMART!

Which leads me on to my top 6 SUN SMART tips: 


I am not one for wearing SPF daily, as I believe our skin does not need unnecessary protection – yes there is such thing as over protecting our skin! I am mainly directing this at climates such as the UK – where we do not see that much sun and many of us spend much of our time indoors.

If you work 9-5 in an office, you do not need to use sunscreen, or moisturisers containing SPF – as you will be very lucky to see the sun for more than 30 minutes a day!


Try to avoid the midday sun and do not stay in extreme heat for longer than 30 mins, instead try going in for 30 mins and out for an hour. Sunburn is natures way of warning us when enough is enough! Instead go out in cooler parts of the day, when the sun is not quite as strong and cover up with a big hat and glasses.


Protect your skin in a gentle skin friendly way using natural plant oils and botanicals which will contain a small amount of natural sun protection and antioxidants, and avoid using chemical, non-mineral sunscreens at all costs. These contain ingredients such as Oxybenzone and Avobenzone which are thought to be skin irritants and suspected hormone disruptors.

Instead opt for natural non – nano sunscreens using mineral light reflecting ingredients such as Zinc Oxide.

Remember plant oils will not prevent you from burning so please use common sense lovers!


Layering is key to helping protect your skin. Try layering our Infinity Beauty Balm underneath your SPF, our balm contains Rosehip Oil and Tamanu Oil, which both help to reverse sun damage, and both have a small amount of natural sun protection.


SPF must be reapplied constantly. Do not trust an SPF that promises that you can apply it once and you’ll be protected all day! I’m sorry just no! That is not SUN SMART!

Always reapply – if you are using an SPF with a factor 30, this means you must reapply the SPF every 30 minutes. SIMPLE! 


As mentioned in point 3 opt for a skin friendly organic and natural SPF such as the Josh Rosebrook - Dual Action Broad Spectrum Day Cream with SPF 30. We sell all sizes here at The House of Green Beauty, including the tinted and non-tinted version. 

You can also check out the iconic Living Libations – Everyone Loves the Sunshine with Zinc.

So, there we have it lovers, my top 6 SUN SMART tips! Remember to be very conscious when playing with fire…literally it is a big ball of flames at the end of the day and it will burn you if you’re not being smart with it!

REAPPLY your SPF constantly, and after your day in the sun treat your skin to our Infinity Beauty Balm to help speed up the recovery and reduce free radicals.

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