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The Limited Edition Tahira X Nini Glow Oil

One amazing part of working in green beauty is meeting so many wonderful people who are leading the way and forging their own paths outside of the "normal" skincare industry.

One of these beauties is our talented friend, green make up artist Tahira.

Tahira has been working in the makeup and fashion & beauty industry for more than twenty years! Her ethos is firmly rooted in using cosmetics that are both ethical and sustainable, as well as supporting creative young brands (such as NINI) who are pioneering the green approach.

Alex and Tahira laughing

Photo by the fabulous Khandiz 

We knew Tahira was a big fan of our fabulous Glow Illuminator Oil and loved the gorgeous warm radiance the oil gives to the skin. When she spoke to us about the possibility of creating a collaboration version well we were singing from the roof tops!

This limited edition oil is the same blend of organic oils you love in our original glow, with just a different colour, that will still suit a wide variety of skin tones and types, just with a different hue.

Photo by the fabulous Khandiz 

Tahira's signature makeup style is skin that has that ‘Lit From Within’ look, and this oil delivers just that! It is perfect for use on its own or under makeup, and has just enough radiance to bring illumination and light, without a shiny appearance where the illumination “sits on top” of the skin.

Your skin will look bright and radiant and healthy - from the inside - out.

So lovers make sure you check this out before it's too late and be sure to check out the wonderful Tahira for gorgeous green beauty tips xx

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