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Top Tips for a healthy Gut

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Hey gorgeous Lovers!

As you may know I'm all about promoting and living a truly well rounded health lifestyle.

One of the most important parts of me that I look after is my gut. What goes in our bodies is ultimately responsible for how we appear on the outside and how we feel on the inside - so we need to get this right!

Are you ready to boost your gut health and learn how to keep it in check? 

Let's go!

We'll start by understanding something incredibly important - what microbiome is.

Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes which are responsible for synthesising vitamins and neurochemicals, aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system; some may even guide how the brain develops.

So we want to treat our microbes with the utmost RESPECT ⭐🤗💚

Next it's key to understand the difference between PRO & PRE Biotics:

Pro - is the beneficial bacteria our gut needs to work properly, they can help restore balance to a gut affected by ageing, illness, and antibiotics.

There are different strains of probiotics dependant on what your looking to achieve, so do your research before you choose one. 

You can also boost pro biotics through your food intake by eating lots of fermented foods:

⭐Sauerkraut which is extremely high in probiotics ⭐ Kombucha and Kim chi are also very good as is a NON dairy Kefir! 

Pre - are types of carbohydrates that only our (good) gut bacteria can feed upon:

⭐Legumes ⭐Beans & Peas ⭐Oats ⭐Bananas ⭐Berries ⭐Asparagus ⭐Lentils ⭐Garlic ⭐Leeks and Onions to name a few. 

One of the best prebiotic supplement is INULIN powder! Make sure you go for a really high quality one.


food fibre

These plant-based carbohydrates are not digested in the small intestine and so reach the large intestine or colon. 

Fibre helps to keep our digestive system healthy and helps to prevent constipation, which takes me to one of my favourite tips lovers - make sure you squat when you poop!! 

Finally here's my top NINI Approved products to help maintain a healthy gut!

1. Living nutrition 'your flora' supplements - I love these because its all fermented foods that work in synergy with your gut. There's different combinations that all offer a high level of healthy gut bacteria: this one is my personal fave as it contains turmeric aswell for extra care. 

2. The shimmy shimmy coconut company -  with its vegan fermented coconut yogurt and drinks this brand is perfect to be taken internally to give your gut a boost or to be mixed with our Natura Face Mask for an extra loving healthy skin treat.

3. Terra Nova's probiotic complex is also a really good one to take as it's very well produced and vegan-friendly, plus the price point on Terra Nova products are really reasonable. This particular probiotic always contains a prebiotic to really help boost the efficiency.

4. Rhythm Kefir cultures are one of the best vegan live culture drinks on the market, this brand supports our gut and has really nailed their products. I'm truly obsessed and love every product they produce! 100000% NINI  APPROVED.

5. Gut brain by Natalia Botanicals - we sell a really fantastic adaptogen which contains Turkey tail powder that acts as a prebiotic helping to feed that good bacteria and supporting your gut so its in a more happy place! you can purchase this online now.

Make sure you keep healthy lovers, plenty of bottled water and exercise will keep your gut and mind happy! 

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