We have dedicated so much time and attention to each and every ingredient that goes into our products.

Here is a highlight of the ingredients we use. All of which are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality. We believe in bringing the beauty of nature to the beauty of you.

We also have our very own UNIQUE NINI BLENDS. They consist of different flowers and herbs blended perfectly together and when activated with liquid this makes the ingredients spring to life, feeding your skin with nutrient dense vitamins & minerals.

We have two different Unique NINI Blends.

+Sensitive Herbal Blend (*Rosemary,*Gotu Kola,*Calendula,*Borage,*Alfalfa,*Meadowsweet,*Hops & *Lavender) – Designed to soothe and calm irritated stressed skin.


+Active Herbal Blend (*Turmeric,*Cayenne Pepper,*Nutmeg,*Cinnamon,*Rosemary,*Gotu Kola,*Calendula,*Borage,*Alfalfa,*Meadowsweet,*Hops & *Lavender) – Designed to stimulate and re-energize troubled/normal skin.

Here at NINI Organics we strongly believe in giving you nothing but the best in quality and performance, therefore we never use any bulking agents.

We also NEVER use: