Blue Tranquility Balm Concentrate

by Natural Wisdom


Blue Tranquility Treatment Balm Concentrate is an aroma therapeutic Balm concentrate to cool, calm and soothe skin. Melting at the touch of your skin sinking away without a trace.. 

special affinity: Skin prone to redness, puffiness and dryness and an excellent after sun treatment, helping to restore and rebalance moisture levels in the skin and hea UV damage.

Our Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) Oil is an abundant source of chamazulene and antioxidant compounds. It’s these calming compounds and others that are responsible for the soothing & cooling benefits of Blue Tansy to the skin.

Blended together with organic Blue Chamomile essential oil, Pomegranate & Amaranth extracts in a creamy raw organic shea butter balm to soothe & nourish your skin. A cauldron of natural magic.



Suggestions for use:

1) As an Eye Treatment Balm: Apply at night, after cleansing at night. Pat a thin layer of balm onto the skin just under the eye and to the eye lid, repeat after cleansing in the morning.

2) Use as a cooling All Purpose Skin Treatment to aid in the repair of skin moisture levels: Apply a thin layer of balm to the area of skin that needs calming, soothing & cooling. Reapply every 2 hours as needed. Stop and apply less frequently once the desired level of hydration has been achieved.

Even the purest natural ingredients can disagree with your skin chemistry, so In the unlikely event of a skin reaction stop using this product.

3) Use as an After Sun Balm and to cool and soothing redness. May be helpful in reducing the redness or peri oral dermatitis.



● Organic Shea nut butter is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols known to help reduce inflammation. Shea butter creates a breathable barrier that won't suffocate skin like petroleum products do. It's soft and easy to apply and instantly soothes stinging, chapped skin.

● Organic CO2 Pomegranate seed extract - a rich, nourishing seed oil containing more than 60% punicic acid, this seed oil has been found to have chemopreventive properties against UV skin damage. A rich Omega 5 antioxidant oil.

 Organic CO2 Amaranth seed extract - wonderfully rich in Vitamin E antioxidants and a rare provider of Squalene. Amaranth seed is a seed oil not a grain oil. It is one of natures most 
nutritious seed oils.

● Wild Crafted Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil indigenous to Morocco, is a rare and sought after essential oil that has proven skin cooling, soothing properties. Anti inflammatory and anti fungal.

● Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil is a respected medicinal essential oil used to treat skincare eruptions. It’s cooling, soothing and regenerative.

● Organic Rosemary leaf Antioxidant. Protects our precious oils from oxidation and keeps our oils and balms fresh for longer a longer when kept correctly. (Cool & away from light and heat)

100% Certified organic ingredients