Le Gua Sha

by Absolution


What's Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an energy treatment and an ancestral Chinese method of massage that provides deep relaxation and revives your natural skin's radiance. 

Gua refers to the massage and Sha is the red colour that appears on the skin after the treatment. 

This technique requires tools made of jade, quartz or buffalo horn. We chose the Rose Quartz for its properties: it is soothing, reduces stress and physical tensions.

A facial massage with the technique of Gua Sha helps stimulate the face's meridians, and improve blood circulation. This massage also benefits your body, as every area you work on the face is linked to an organ.

When practiced regularly, Gua Sha facial helps to:

- Tone and firm your face and neck muscles;

- Promote blood circulation and tissue oxygenation;

- Decrease dark circles and under-eye puffiness;

- Drain toxins;

- Prevent and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.


Apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil on a fresh face, and start your Gua Sha facial, using upwards movements from your neck to your forehead; repeat each movement 3 times. For massage tips, refer to the pictures above. 

For a decongesting effect, place your Gua Sha in your fridge for a few hours before using it. 

Clean and disinfect after use. 


100% Rose Quartz