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Want to experience a NINI ritual? We have created a box, home to all our NINI goodness... Pick up your box today

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Come and meet Alex, co founder of NINI Organics


Want to swap out your existing skincare products to a greener, cleaner range. Book a consultation with the fabulous Alex today.

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Why NINI Organics?

NINI Organics is my dream come true, here is why I created my own skincare range and what it means to me..

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The Green Switch

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Hi Lovers, Alex here,

Are you thinking about doing the big green switch? Well, I’m here to help you along the way.

What is The Green Switch?

It’s basically where you can come to our store and have a one on one consultation with me and we will go through all your existing products and do a massive switch over to a more greener cleaner routine, whether that’s just on skincare or makeup or both. whatever you want to achieve I will be your green beauty guru or your green beauty fairy godmother.

Green wishes lovers! here’s to a greener routine.


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Our Promise to you

Here at NINI HQ we believe in complete transparency in all of our products. Take a look at our favourite ingredients and what we would never use.

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