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5 Tips to get that Internal Glow

Our glow illuminator helps offer that external glow but to truly FEEL your glow you need to think of your body as a temple...

Here's 5 quick tips on how to achieve this:

1. SKIN - Incorporate a skin ritual that will give you 10 minutes of love each morning and night giving your skin 20 mins of pure magic.

NINI is your skin ritual of love always and forever, each product is based around a ritual to bring you back to yourself whilst also treating your skin to the finest natural ingredients that truly work.

2. BREATHE - Exercise your lungs morning and night. Take your time to just breathe and be. As soon as you wake up instead of reaching for your phone to see how many likes you've got, sit up straight, close your eyes and take a deep breath in for 7, and out for 7 - 7 is your magic number! Do this 5 times and really do breathe deeply.

3. DANCE - FEEL YOUR FANTASY! Live for the moments and dance like no one's watching and feel that silly vibe take over. Play that one song that gets you going and just go for it!

4. CONNECT - Be at one with nature and go for walks or runs in your local park or venture out to some woods or a forest. Being within nature is one of the most healing and mentally clarifying moments you can partake in (I've been working on a product to work alongside this practice 😁)

5. LOVE - I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to LOVE ONESELF! Our heart is our most important muscle so don't neglect it or let your self-sabotage get in the way.

We are strong and we are LOVE... One of my favourite things to do is look into the mirror and tell myself how INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL I am and how much I LOVE me! 

Love is key to feeling that GLOW.

And that's it lovers enjoy these easy tips and feel that glow whilst also showing that glow

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