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Do you INSULT your skin?

Read on to find how I.N.S.U.L.T will help you make the right decisions when choosing the perfect skincare for you.

Lovers! I’ve been working on this for a hot minute now! And I’m so glad to bring it to you!

SOO I came up with the I.N.S.U.L.T

The next time you go to buy a product do the I.N.S.U.L.T and see how worthy that product is before you part with your hard earned cash!

I is for Ingredients

It’s the first thing we should be checking on every product we ever purchase for ourselves or others. Check every single ingredient and make sure it’s to your standards - mine are for it to be 100% healthy and natural with a high grade of Organic ingredients.

N is for Nature

Is it from nature? Or is it mass produced chemical waste product? Is it fully clean and organic? Is it an acid product? What is the nature of the product?

S is for Sustainability

Quite simply how much of the product is wasteful? What’s the carbon footprint? How many batches are made? What’s the bottle made of? Is the packaging recyclable? How does purchasing this product affect your carbon footprint?

U is for Unnecessary Ingredients

What are  the first 3 ingredients on the list? Does it contain incredible organic ingredients? Or is it stuffed full of bulking agents and water?

L is for Love 

How much love has gone into making the product? Was it made by hand or pumped out in the thousands? Does the product promote a positive vibe? Do you fall in love with the brand and it’s message? Do you love what this product does for you?

T is for Total

Is this product worth my money!? How much is the product and the total value of everything it brings me worth?

So lovers, the next time you want to buy a product always do the I.N.S.U.L.T. Make sure you're choosing skincare that works for you and isn't insulting your gorgeous skin!

Love you x

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