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Good Morning Nini Lovers!

Here at NINI HQ we love to wake our bodies up with a refreshing & stimulating juice. It is not only important to care for your skin but to treat your body as the temple it is!

One of our favourite morning juices is the Green Machine, this juice is packed full of powerful healing properties. From Ginger & Lemon, two powerful wonder foods designed to kick start your digestive system and help activate the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients you are about to drink. Combined with antioxidant rich Celery with its beneficial enzymes in addition to vitamins and minerals including Vitamin K, C & B6, Potassium & Folate. Alongside Folic Acid & Magnesium rich leafy greens, it is no wonder we call this drink The Green Machine!

What you will need:

1 Carrot

1 Lemon (skin left on)

1 inch Ginger Root

1 Apple

2 Celery sticks

Handful of Kale, Spinach & Parsley

Simply chop the ingredients small enough to fit through your juicer, we like to use the Omega Juicer VSJ843Q, this is a low speed masticating juicer which means it gently extracts the juice to preserve all the phytonutrients meaning you are digesting an abundance of intact vitamins & minerals. Then simply sit back, preferably in the sun to soak up some Vitamin D, and enjoy 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our first short blog and if you would like us to write about anything skin or healthcare related please email us at

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Love Nicole


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