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Honesty is Everything

This comes from a place of knowledge and being on the front line myself for many years.

I got let go from space NK years ago because I refused to sell anything but Tata Harper (when it first launched around 8 years ago, if anyone remembers that old clear glass packaging with the wrap around labels! Iconic!)

I simply couldn’t suggest anything other then the most organic and healthiest products for customers skin, I wouldn’t lie and I certainly would sell something I didn’t believe in. After being let go I found The organic pharmacy another iconic brand to me that I hold dear in my heart. I soon realised HONESTY IS EVERYTHING!

This got me thinking and got me asking other sales assistants in the ‘conventional’ beauty world questions that I was shocked by the answers.

Case 1 - I walk into a big chain commercial beauty store and walk up to the counter of a famous beauty brand. As I browse the catalog of ‘must have’ beauty products I was greeted by the sales Assistant -

“Hi can I help you with anything” the usual line of engagement.

“Hi gorgeous, yes actually dose this serum contain Hyaluronic Acid?”

To the sales assistant’s shock she said “oh god no that would burn your skin!”.
I couldn’t even bare what I just heard with a polite smile! I walked off shocked by this statement!

As we all know Hyaluronic Acid is a hydration molecule that we make in our skin - IT WILL NEVER BURN!

Case 2 - I walk into a well known department store and ask the sales assistant from a very luxurious brand - 

“Hi Gorgeous, could I see the ingredients for this product please?”
She replies, “sure, everything is natural and....(she then starts telling me buzz words)”.

I nod as she hands me the product box - silicone (3 different types), paraffin, mineral oil, EDTA, perfume/fragrance, PEG’s Proplyne glyco, parabens... the list was endless!

When I decided to quiz them on these “all natural” ingredients they got very annoyed and directed me to customer service online and then took the product from me and walked away to serve someone else who had just appeared next to me. 

Which takes me back to the point of this post - Honesty is EVERYTHING!

At Nini we are completely transparent about all of our ingredients. We are proud to have spent time learning and curating our knowledge. We use only the best most nutritional ingredients, and if you ask us anything we'll tell you the truth x

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