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The Watermelon Mask

Get ready for a super festive NINI video with me Alex - The lover and leader of the rainbow stardust skin rituals 🌈🤗🦄

When the weather gets toasty you wanna just drench yourself in freezing cold water right?! Well here's a gorgeous tip to create the most satisfyingly hydrating mask ever!!

I like to call it The Watermelon Natura Miracle Refresh Mask!


Grab yourself an organic water melon and smush out some juice (eating the pulp as you go) then mix in some Moonlight Nectar oil, some HA serum (i used our soon to be released Crimson beauty) and some Natura Miracle Mask until you create a thick creamy texture.

Spritz your face and apply the magic and just bathe in its hydration! This is why i created Natura Miracle Mask to be in powder for because you literally can do so much with it!


Well lovers its full of nutrient rich vitamins, hydration boosting proteins and rich polysaccharides.

Once mixed with our mask you've created pure love for your skin and it will thank you! I hope you enjoyed this cheeky IGTV and let me know if you try this!

Kisses Alex xxx


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