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Wow look at these incredible results!

Natural beauty gives results! The proof is right here in front of your eyes!

Our products are developed to be your natural chemical free way to treat acne and blemish prone skin, and with results like you see below, it's not a surprise so many are flocking to our handmade green products that truly make a difference.

These results are just a few we get sent every week and they make us so happy, check them out for yourselves below:


Raquel before and after

Products used: The Natura Collection

In Raquel's own words:

"My biggest challenge has been hormonal acne and residual hyper-pigmentation caused by multiple pregnancies/breastfed babies (the oldest one is now 5 years old.

Blissfully ignorantly I have tried harsh acids, topic retinol, microdermabrasion and standard facials at local salons. During my second pregnancy I’ve used Duac gel (antibiotic + benzoyl peroxide) for 12 weeks. All of these left me with slightly reactive skin, something I had never experienced before.

I had heard about NINI via someone’s IG but I didn’t pay much attention then. I think I came a cross one of NINI’s ads and was just blown away by the way Alex talked about the products.

A lot of the hyper-pigmentation has now faded and when I get the inevitable breakouts they don’t look so inflamed and aggravated. Just the general aspect of my whole skin is so much healthier, softer and luminous.

If you want healthy skin you are in it for the long-term, don’t insult your skin with harsh ingredients and just show it some love."



Tasha before after 

Products used: Natura Detox Foam, Natura Miracle Mask, Crimson Beauty & Natura Detox Oil

On the left you can see how her skin looks more irritated and inflamed. On the right is after just one week of NINI use - so much more smooth, calm and clear.

Tasha sent me a lovely message after seeing such great results: 

Tasha thanks



Jess before after

Products used: The Natura Collection

In Jess's own words:

"I was in a place of total desperation of my skin, considering going to the doctor for medicine or paying for expensive and invasive treatments. My skin felt both greasy and dry and the same time, and makeup somehow made it look worse.

For the last 3 weeks every night I’ve been using Natura Miracle Mask and a tiny bit of Detox Foam mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar, followed by a couple of drops of Detox Oil.

The results are incredible. I was so incredibly self-conscious, and I felt completely helpless because it just felt like it was getting worse.

I’m really happy that I feel in control of it now, whatever my hormones throw at me. 

Thanks to Alex for making a personal plan for me and making me understand what my skin clearly needed"



Charlotte before and after

Products used: The Natura CollectionHalo Cleansing ElixrInfinity Beauty Balm

In Charlotte's own words: 

"I have lived with eczema my whole 25 years of life! I have been prescribed so many creams and tablets to help combat it, mostly steroids which weaken your skin. My skin is dry all year round and often has flare ups where it will become red, sore, itchy and even more dry. 

I started following NINI on instagram and the ethics just pulled me in, so I decided to order the experience box so I could try everything.

The detox oil is a foundation for my skin routine now, it helps my skin calm and takes the redness out. 

The mask has been a complete game changer, if I was having a flare up I would never think to put a face mask on but Alex suggested I use the mask with oat milk and the result was incredible.

I use the balm every day around my eyes and lips where it is most dry and I could’t live without it, you only need a small amount and it lasts nearly all day

When I used to have a flare up, it would take a week maybe two for me to recover. Now using these products it takes a day or two! It is so good for my mental and physical health"


Our natural solution to blemish prone skin - The Natura Collection

The Natura Collection

Three products that work in harmony to calm, soothe, and heal - The Natura Collection - Save ££ when you buy together.

After his own experience of acne this collection was specially formulated by Alex to be the alternative approach to tackling blemish and acne prone skin. 

It works as a powerful trio of three of our most incredible handmade all natural products - Natura Miracle MaskNatura Detox Foam, and Natura Detox Oil.

Together these three form a ritual that calms, soothes, and heals inflamed and angry skin, and brings vibrance and clarity back.

If you've tried any of these three products individually then now is the time to bring them together and harness the power of the full Natura Collection.

If you suffer from problem skin and don't know where to turn we are here to help you! You can contact us via email or alternatively we love to chat on Instagram so send us a message there.

Nicole & Alex xxx

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