Being a pregnant mum and working!

by Nicole Stanton on

Working and being a full time mum whilst growing another baby really takes it toll! I have so much admiration and respect for all the single mums and...


by Alex Nicolaou on

Hi Lovers! I thought I would jump on a blog post to begin sharing with you some of my top skincare tips and tricks. Skincare to us at...

Alex's Favourite Ingredients

by Alex Nicolaou on

Here is a highlight of some of Alex's favourite ingredients. All of which are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality.    Jojoba Oil - "My all time...

Why NINI Organics?

by Alex Nicolaou on

A quick video on why we started NINI much love for you and your skin! x

Honesty is Everything

by Alex Nicolaou on

This comes from a place of knowledge and being on the front line myself for many years...

The House of Green Beauty

by Alex Nicolaou on

Ever wondered where Alex spends his time dreaming up the next skin nourishing NINI concoction? Look no further than our cute little store in Wood Green London suitably named...

Le Fix acne prone skin event - Alex LIVE!

by Alex Nicolaou on

Lovers i'm live! Come join me for an evening of green beauty at Le Fix Beauty Bar in London.

QUIZ: Are you truly loving your skin?

by Alex Nicolaou on

Shine a light on your SKIN! Our skin will always reflect our whole body health so you need to make sure you're showing it love! Take our quiz to...

Day time make up - Alex's gorgeous guide!

by Alex Nicolaou on

Alex invited the beautiful Keeley in to the House of Green Beauty for a gorgeous 100% green day time look.Get Alex's pro tips, as well as finding out...

Welcome to Nini Organics

by Alex Nicolaou on

A quick message from Nini co-founder Alex to welcome you to this exciting green journey!