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My gorgeous green morning routine!

Good morning lovers!

I hope everyone is feeling festive and fresh!!! I wanted to show you all my morning time routine which is what kick starts my skin most days :)

I switch up adding the Coffee and Cacao Face Scrub and Detox Foam depending on what I want to achieve.

So let's start! Firstly I always mist a gorgeous essential oil based air mesmeriser to really lift my mood to the next level!

I then follow with a dreamy facial massage using Halo Cleansing Elixir which helps to soothe and regulate skins oil production. Once it's removed with a cold wash cloth I then follow with Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating Mist.

I then use Twelve Beauty's Moisture serum mixed with Natura Detox oil for the ultimate deep skin treatment. That stunning Detox Oil helps to protect and heal my skin from the daily stressors.

After this I follow with another misting moment, then apply a small amount of our fabulous Infinity Beauty balm to lock in all that gorgeous moisture.

The last layer is a protective veil of Ayuna's The Facial in High which helps to feed that good bacteria back into my skin and support my skins structure and the acid mantle layer.

I then added a small amount of our new limited edition Glow oil for instant illumination!

Perfect for that sunday day out :)

Annoyingly the camera stopped filming when I took it of the stand to show you the results! But you can see the dewy magic unfold throughout.

All products are Available online or in store lovers. Alternatively pop in to our store for a mini facial :) green kisses

Alex xxx

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