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2 Kids and no time for skincare!

Skincare routine! I mean what does that even mean when you have 2 kids and a million and one things to do!!

Well….when you have a skincare guru as your brother then you have to find a way to work your routine in.

So how do I keep my skin cleansed and moisturised to Alex's standards? Read on...

The day begins

My day starts around 6am with Jax, my ten week old crying for milk, again! Fifth time in the last eight hours, sigh!

7am Zeke, my other cheeky monkey wakes up and the fun really starts.

I quickly splash my face with cold water to wake up. I then see to Zeke’s breakfast, fight with him to go on the potty, get him and myself dressed to take him to nursery whilst juggling Jax on one arm.

I can’t take too long to get dressed so I normally throw on a tracksuit and opt out of wearing makeup but rather give my face a wash, using our Natura Detox Foam. This wash gives my skin a nice deep clean and has to be one of my fave products. I rarely have any breakouts, and especially with all my baby hormones this face wash has been my skin saviour!

Time for me

After dropping Zeke at nursery, I come home and have my breakfast and  a well earned coffee (sorry Alex, I know you only wear it but I need a coffee boost!)

I then put Jax to sleep, he normally sleeps for an hour so I have some time and will apply some Natura Miracle Mask and do some NINI work. I also keep a bottle of Rosé next to me and give my skin a little spray every few minutes to keep the mask nice and moist.

I keep the mask on for around 45 mins and wash off before little man wakes up.

After I've washed the mask off I put a few drops of our Natura Detox Oil on and voila that is my skin cleansed, masked, and moisturised.

The final touches

I love to not wear makeup if my skin is looking clear, instead I just put a little Glow Illuminator on after applying the Detox Oil to give my skin that sexy pop ;)

My kids are my life and I understand how hard it is to even just get dressed some days, especially when they’re being difficult. However, it is also important to take  some time for self care and for me keeping my skin happy makes me happy and that's important for both me and my kids.

Make sure you take care of yourselves mummies and daddies


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