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How the Natura Range Changed My Skin

Take a look at this gorgeous testimonial from one of our customers - Jess -who tried our alternative acne treatment instead of the conventional:

"I was in a place of total desperation of my skin, considering going to the doctor for medicine or paying for expensive and invasive treatments. I had spots around my temples and all over my chin, and a load of cystic lumps too.

Before and after Natura Range

Plus my skin felt both greasy and dry and the same time, and makeup somehow made it look worse.

I’ve used Nini products before and always felt like they worked, so I went to visit Alex in his House of Green Beauty as a final attempt to get my skin back on track without medicine or harsh chemicals.

This time I promised I was going to stick to a routine! I’ve been guilty before of trying too many things and overloading my skin, or switching so fast my skin must get confused.

So Alex looked at my skin and my problem areas and asked my about my lifestyle and gave me my own routine. He also gave me some dietary thoughts.

So from Alex’s recommendation, for the last 3 weeks every night I’ve been using Natura Miracle Mask and a tiny bit of Detox Foam mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar, followed by a couple of drops of Detox Oil.

Natura Detox foam

Alex told me how to apply it to get the most out of it (making the mask it into a thick paste and leaving it on for a while and keeping it spritzed with rose water, and always applying the Detox Oil to damn skin, ideally with hyaluronic acid or another hydration accelerator).

I’ve also tried to cut out dairy. And the results are incredible. I was so incredibly self-conscious, and I felt completely helpless because it just felt like it was getting worse.

So I’m really happy that I feel in control of it now, whatever my hormones throw at me.

I love being able to go makeup free! (Although Alex gave me some testers of the makeup in his store while I was there and I noticed these sit really nicely on my lovely hydrated face...) anyway, it’s only been 3 weeks and I’ve barely made a dent in any of the bottles, but I am pretty confident in saying that Nini really works and my skin looks better than it has in YEARS!

Thanks to Alex making a personal plan for me and making me understand what my skin clearly needed" ❤❤❤

Jess xxxxx

We created our Natura range to help find balance and clarity to you skin using organic oils, herbs and gentle cleansing agents. 

The Natura Range

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