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Why Oils Rule!

Here at NINI we prefer oils over creams as they deliver exactly what your skin needs without any unnecessary agents.

Oils help feed the building blocks of your skin cells with essential fatty acids so it can perform to the best of its ability helping to regulate and stay nourished.

Your Acid Mantle layer and Lipid Barrier depend on these building blocks to survive against the elements. Feeding them with oils gives them exactly what they need to stay strong and beautiful.

But what's the truth about oils?

Oils are incorrectly sold on the market today. I'm constantly learning that customers who come into our store are afraid of using oils as they think they will clog there pores - this doesn't have to be the case!

In the truly organic skincare world the comedogenic scale (how likely it is that any specific ingredients will clog your pores) is a bit of a grey area as when an oil has not been processed its nutrients are all still in tack so they should NOT clog your pores.

It's only when oils have been transformed into something they were never meant to be that your skin finds an imbalance and starts to clog up. 

Cold pressed gorgeousness

Our oils are more then just a combo of gorgeous organic cold pressed ingredients, they work in synergy with you!

This is why we only ever source the best cold pressed organic oils that do not interfere with their makeup. 

We developed two types of treatment oils; Moonlight Nectar, which is richer in Oleic Acid omega 9, and Detox Oil which is richer in Linoleic acid Omega 6.

Moonlight Nectar:

Moonlight Nectar helps support the lack of nourishment in your skin so it's perfect for those with dryer/dehydrated skin. When mixed with a water element like Hyaluronic acid this oils helps to deeply nourish and repair your lipid barrier for a more plump and hydrated feel.

Moonlight Nectar

Detox Oil:

Detox Oil helps to support your sebaceous glands helping to regulate over active production and soothe any irritation to the skin as well as helping to clear away those pesky blemishes.

Detox Oil

Be oil aware

Be sure to check what oil you are purchasing lovers - refined heavily processed oils have a longer shelf life thus being the go to type of oil for massive skincare companies! BUT your skin will pay the price!

Reach for cold pressed organic unrefined oils always and use them within their use by date.

Green kisses xxx

Moonlight Nectar and Detox Oil

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