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5 Tips to Positivity

Hi Green Beauty Lovers!

I wanted to create this video because I get a lot of messages asking how I stay so festively positive! So I just wanted to impart my 5 top tips to help as many of you as possible in finding your way to a positive mindset and a full heart x

1- GUT & EXERCISE - Making sure everything is moving and working and functioning to the best of its ability!

2 - LOVE YOURSELF - Tell yourself how much you love you! it's the greatest love of all 😘

3 - FIND YOUR PASSION! what makes you tick! what do you love doing? find it and never let it go. Don't fall into the trap of making other peoples dreams a reality make your own one a reality!!

4 - LAW OF ATTRACTION - positive thinking promotes positive moments!!

5 - BE PRESENT!!! Enjoy the world we live in!! I know times are grey at the moment but theres no reason why we cant share some love to the world to help heal it.


Always reach out to me for a positive affirmation, or a song or a dance to make you smile! We're all here to support each other.

Love you xxx

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