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A cooling Halo Ice Facial

When it's hot this is the perfect facial to cool you right down!

 The Ritual


 Make sure your water is set to COLD both from the sink and shower.

Massage 5 pumps of Halo all over your face, neck, back of neck and chest, to really dive into the massage.

Take your time on this part and enjoy the massage.

Then apply one ice cube first in constant massage movements all over your face, neck and chest, until the ice cube melts then repeat with the other one.

This Ritual will help soothe, calm and STIMULATE your gorgeous skin! Get ready for some serious magic!

Once you have enjoyed the ritual jump into a freezing cold shower to elevate the practice even more.

This will be a very awaking part of the Ritual and a step you do NOT want to miss! Follow with some Detox Oil as a lightweight treatment for hot weather.

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