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The Microbiome Balancing Bacteria Mask

Have I got a treat for you!

This ritual is extremely effective at helping feed your skin's flora with an abundance of beneficial bacteria which will help keep everything in balance.

I like to explain your Microbiome is an invisible ecosystem of helpful warriors out to protect your skin from unwanted baddies! This ritual is designed to give your skin a boost and kick start that Microbiome into action.

The treatment is perfect for everyone and everyone, but is especially effective if you have a more compromised complexion and troublesome skin.

Enjoy this true organic treatment for the goddess that you are!

The Ritual

Cleanse with our Detox Foam to prep the skin.

Prepare your mask with 1 Tablespoon of Natura Miracle Mask, a dash of Organic Creamy Oat Milk (I use the @rebel_kitchen one) then a teaspoon of live bacteria (I like the @theshimmyshimmyco one for this).

Blend together until a smooth creamy texture forms then apply directly on top of damp skin and leave for 10 mins ONLY then wash of in a fabulous shower.

NOTE - you don't need to leave on for any longer then 10 mins this is a skin boost mask, and make sure you keep the mask nice and moist throughout the 10 mins Lovers.

Enjoy the magic and embrace the balancing effect of this ritual.

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