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Plastic isn't fantastic

Hey Green Beauty Lovers,

Let me start off by saying exactly why these ingredients are within the majority of beauty products. TEXTURE TEXTURE TEXTURE, that is the main reason, plus within SPFs they help disperse the active ingredients better and make the formula water-resistant. Are they bad? Well, quite simply yes they are, not necessarily to your skin but it's all about the bioaccumulative mess they cause. That being said the evidence shows that Microplastics have been found in human blood! I know the study is linked to drinking from plastic bottles, However nano particles from skincare can enter the blood stream so I would rather diminish any possibility that these Microplastic ingredients could potentially enter my blood stream if they're small enough. I mean that gives a whole new meaning to that iconic 90's tune "Barbie girl" - life in's fantastic. *sassy eye roll* (but is it really fantastic though?").


Remember the drama over Microbeads? So far they're banned in over 11 countries with 4 more to be added in the coming months/years - side note WHY were they ever a thing, oh yeah, cheap money hungry corporations, duh.


Banned in Canada, USA, Northern Ireland, Wales, UK, Scotland, Sweden, UK, France, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand. Soon to be added to the list Finland, Italy, India and South Africa. 


I’m pretty sure some microplastic ingredients will follow suit of this banning in the near future. Well let's hope that's the case. Please green beauty fairies work your magic 🙌

I have been saying for years how insulting it is to put such ingredients into personal care including lubes (that's literally going inside you)! As a formulator I get it, but as a green beauty formulator I also love the fact we have to think outside the box and try and achieve conventional textures, feels and results only using green biotechnology and natural / organic ingredients. Now that’s where all the magic happens. It’s lazy formulating skills in my eyes if formulations contain the same synthetic ingredients. Where's the innovation? Where's the fun? Where's the lip sync for your LIFE!


Green beauty is a preference, it’s a movement and it’s for everyone who wants to join in. The magic behind green beauty formulations (don’t get confused with greenwashing brands! Easy to spot a mile off) is that each formulation is healthy for you and the planet it's quite simple really and if that hits a chord with you then reach out to us via and we can guide you through a complete switch, we call it The Green Switch. 


Did you know that the beauty industry produces over 142 billion units of packaging each year and most of this is plastic, as a brand are we part of that? yes we are, BUT we consciously know that our lids and pumps are the only plastic within NINI’s packaging that’s why we have added our first-of-a-kind refill program. Here’s the thing Green Beauty brands have ethics and the planet at the forefront of their brand, big corporations know this, see this and implement snippets of this, I think it's a bit of guilt on their behalf but it is a positive movement into the wider issue and allows consumers to make more informed choices. However these companies still may contain microplastics which are causing irreversible damage and polluting our incredible planet. 




Well Lovers, that's the tricky bit, it's down to us to say no to these ingredients and demand better from brands. You need to investigate the brands you support and  READ that INCI (ingredients list). I created the INSULT and it has helped hundreds find the right brand/product for them. 


I - Ingredients

N - Nature

S - Sustainability 

U - Unnecessary bulking ingredients 

L - Love

T - Total 


Click here for more on this. 



 Acrylates Copolymer

 Acrylates Crosspolymer





 Methacrylate Copolymer

 Methacrylate Crosspolymer

 Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer

 Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer







 Propylene Copolymer or Polypropylene 


 Styrene Copolymer 


 Vinyl Acetate Copolymer 

 VP/VA Copolymer



You’ll discover how hard this is to avoid. However if you’re ever unsure just email us at and I will help guide you :) especially when it comes to makeup. I would suggest checking out Glow Organic for all your makeup needs.


This goes without saying I formulate without any suspected and confirmed microplastics. That's always going to be the way I formulate not only avoiding microplastics but other questionable ingredients as well. Once again Green beauty is a preference, if you want to discover it you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how warm and cosy it makes you feel. 



If your main argument to not try green beauty is due to results well queen, Green Beauty Works like a dream, trust me on this one and your skin will give you thousands of kisses. The techniques and technology is far more advanced from the days of just using oils and butters. We formulate with green biotechnology that’s patented and extremely innovative because we strive to avoid those conventional ingredients. We don’t make it easy for us that’s for sure, we don’t cut corners and you can feel & see that within our formulations.


Bioaccumulative microplastics aren't cute but it’s happening. This blog is not about putting fear into your minds, it's just opening up your mind to the fact that these ingredients are here and have been for many years. We do need to act now and hopefully this blog will give you the resources to make educated decisions on your skincare rituals. 


So to round it off I would always check for these hidden plastics within your formulations. If they're there then I would avoid them and choose a more innovative formulation/brand that really cares for your skin and the plant. 


Do check this website out if you’re a brand or super keen to learn more. you can register your brand to show it is micro-plastic free! Yay.

Stay festive 


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