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Acne 101 - What is Acne? PLUS my tips to help heal it

Here it is my little Acne video. I tried to keep it nice and simple however I often ramble heheh!

We love the alternative method to help treat acne prone skin.

Let's breathe life and balance back into your skin by feeding that healthy bacteria and allowing your pores to work smoothly with less blockages.

Our Natura Range and Halo Cleansing Elixr have shown incredible results for people who seek the complete alternative to help treat their problematic skin.

However please note you MUST take care of your gut and help balance your internal system so please seek advice from a holistic nutritionist.

Please do share your journeys in the comments below i would love to hear from you lovers! Just remember take it slow and enjoy the process.

Don't pick and don't try and speed it up just allow the magic to take over and feed your thoughts with positivity cause that helps massively. Kisses Alex xxx

(A quick correction from watching the video back: Natura Detox Foam does contain and natural herb called White Willow Bark which is rich in BHA enzymes. I meant to say we haven't added any Salicylic Acid to the product!) 

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