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Hidden Plastics in Skincare

LOVERSSSS I hope you are all amazing and i hope this video helps in regards to avoiding hidden plastics in skincare formulations.

Here's the list to avoid! If you are a makeup artist and have to use certain products just make sure that the model or yourself removes the product without it going down the sink.

AVOID: 👎DIMETHICONE (or any ingredient ending in cone) 👎 Polyethylene 👎Nylon👎 Carbomer 👎 Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) 👎 PVP/VA Copolymers 👎 Polyimide-1 👎 Polyquaternium-6 (7 &11)👎Sodium Polyacrylate 👎Polymethyl Methacrylate .

The list is pretty long, but these are the most common ones to avoid! For me if you want to buy products that are truly Vegan & Cruelty free then you need to consider these ingredients aswell as Hidden plastics ARE NOT CUTE NOR ARE THEY BIODEGRADABLE!! .

Lovers let me point something else out, Silicone is a naturally derived ingredient from silica (NOT PLASTIC) it's the least harmful out of the ingredients i've said to avoid however the easiest to spot! Normally Dimethicone is paired with these other plastics stated above so by avoiding silicones you'll also be avoiding the hidden plastics.

Studies are from CMP (The chemicals Management plan), other sources and EWG.

Green wishes

Alex xx

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