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Make your own hand sanitiser

What a year we are having!

Without meaning to spread fear it is good to be extra careful during this bizarre moment in 2020! With 2 young boys and being out and about most days it is hard to always get to a sink to wash my hands, and with hand sanitiser going for a small fortune online I wanted to share with you my recipe (which is no secret) so you can make your own hand gel.

What you will need:

Isopropyl Alcohol (99.8%) – basically rubbing alcohol, you can buy this from multiple sites online.

Aloe Vera Gel

Tea Tree essential oil

100ml glass bottle with pump



Pour 2/3 of Alcohol in to the bottle

Drop 10-15 drops of Tea Tree essential oil

Fill the rest with Aloe Vera gel

Shake it up and voila your very own hand sanitiser.

Stay safe everyone and look after yourselves and those around you!




DISCLAIMER: This hand sanitiser is not a substitute for proper handwashing. And while this home remedy contains commonly-accepted natural antiviral ingredients, it has never been tested in a lab to determine it's efficacy against viruses such as the coronavirus. With that being said, using this home recipe will be a lot more effective than using nothing at all.


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