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Chaotic skincare!

My house may be chaos but my skin is clear as a meditating mind.

Throughout both of my pregnancies, I did not get that ‘glow’ everyone is promised! Instead, my skin went like a pubescent teenager who doesn’t shower and wears makeup to bed. And although it is very tough having 2 boys that rain terror and mess on the house every day and suck all the life (and milk) out of me, I still made sure that I gave myself my 10 minutes before bed to do a proper facial cleanse. If that meant leaving the toys all over the floor until tomorrow then so be it!

My routine is very quick, I have it down to 10 minutes max. It starts with a quick first cleanse using the Halo Cleansing Elixir, I massage a couple of pipettes on to dry skin and massage it all around my face and down my neck. I like to remove the Halo with a cold flannel and go on with my second cleanse, but you can follow on the second cleanse on top of the Halo. I would then use a small amount of Natura Detox Foam and work that around my face, minding my eyes. I then rinse off with warm water and pat dry, either with a nice clean towel or some tissue paper, as I haven’t done the laundry in 2 weeks!! Oops!

I then give my skin a generous spritz of Rain and mix 4 drops of our Natura Detox Oil and our new Crimson Beauty (oh just you wait, this hyaluronic acid serum is insane) and massage all over my face and neck & voila! The perfect cleanse in under 10 minutes.

On some days I may have time to enjoy a relaxing bath and on these nights I will always do a Natura Miracle Mask. I like to mix the mask with a few pipettes of our Halo Cleansing Elixir to keep the moisture in the mask just right.

Since having my newest boy Jax, my skin has improved so much that I don’t find doing my skincare routine a chore it is something for me. I can visibly see the difference and as a mum of 2 most days I don’t have time to put on any makeup but I can honestly say that I have all the confidence in the world walking out of my house with a naked face!

Love Nicole


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