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Hands up if you Mask!

Masking, it's like sending your skin for a week long rejuvenating retreat! Ah who doesn't love the idea of that!

I mask daily, and I can't shout about the benefits this has for me skin enough. It's the ultimate way to give your skin all the love it needs to heal and shine.

Natura Miracle Mask

Your Skin's Natural Medicine

Natura Miracle Mask is a powerful powdered mask that is inactive until you mix it with your chosen liquid. WHY? Well it's extremely simple - I wanted a mask that was supercharged with more then your basic clays. I wanted you to fall in love with the ritual of masking, and bespoke your own mask according to how your skin is behaving!

(A note lovers that pre-made clay based masks hold no secrets for me and i don't have room for them in my routine)

Natura Miracle Mask is packed full of skin loving ingredients including Gotu Kola, Neem, Rosemary, Cacao, Orange peel, Hibiscus and more. Each ingredient was selected for its incredible miracle properties.

Herbs, plants and flowers contain some of the most healing benefits and have been used in ancient medicine for years, so I look at this mask and your skins medicine.

My Masking Pro Tips

Mix up your mask thick enough and cover your whole face so you can't see the skin.

Keep the mask moist throughout so it stays active.

Mask in the bath where you can massage it off for extra exfoliation action.

Alex with mask

Amazing Mask Mixes

💚 Skin feeling out of balance? mix Natura Miracle Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose water and a drop of Natura Detox oil.

💚 Skin in need of hydration? mix with Oat milk, Pro Biotic Yogurt and a drop of Halo or Moonlight Nectar.

💚 Skin breaking out? Mix with Detox Foam, Detox Oil, Apple Cider Vingar & Beetroot juice (yummy).

💚 Skin behaving and looking amazing yet you still want to mask? Mix with a probiotic yoghurt and Halo

Here's to glowing skin! 


Alex xxx

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