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Why we do this

Nicole and I are both sisters created by the Iconic Tracy and Lumbro (yes our Dad is a fabulous Greek stallion!)

Together they created pure magic with their three kids.

Little did they know that Nicole and Alex would set their sights on redefining beauty and taking a wellbeing approach to life with the most positive vibe ever!

How it began

I (Alex) suffered from extreme acne (see this old school video of me - lol) aged 16 to 17, at the time this experience was awful affecting my confidence and daily life horribly. I tried everything to rid my skin of the condition, it was only after a strong medication from the doctor that I was able to bring it under control. 

My skin was left scared and sensitive. It was then that I began looking into how I could use nature to help me heal my skin.

This horrid Acne experience turned out to be a blessing disguise as it's this part of my life that led me onto the green skincare journey.

Nicole a special effects makeup artist and lover of beauty joined my vision 5 years ago and together we began shaping the future of NINI organics. 

The Mission above all others

We have a few missions, but the most important one is education, we strive to make sure that our customers feel completely comfortable and knowledgable about the green beauty world and what it offers.

Some brands probably think we're crazy for sharing exactly what's in our products, but if you're going to be putting products onto your skin then you NEED to know exactly what's in them - it's your right, right?


Be Real

I have been in the truly organic, NON Green washing business for over 9 years now, studying and soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly can so I can share my tips and tricks with you all.

When truly organic products are created legally and safely your skin is most certainly in the best hands possible and that's another one of our missions to edit the ranges from the CLEAN WASHERS to the TRULY GENUINE! We support only those who are true to Organic Green Beauty and challenge those who jump on the band wagon with clean washing products.

Above all it's about Love

One of my favourite sayings in the whole entire world is from Dr Seuss -

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Everything we do here at NINI is founded in love. We make every bottle of our product for real people, we don't just fill them on a production line, we pack love and care into every drop knowing it will make a positive difference to someones skin.

Glow Oil

We will never stop creating magical formulas that help feed, soothe and heal your skin whilst also supporting other truly organic, hand blended niche brands that CARE.

We believe so strongly in our green community, created to truly make a positive difference and to share only the most transparent and very best products and most of all love!

Green kisses and wishes lovers! Welcome aboard the healthiest eco chic truly organic beauty train in the world 💚

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